How to Refresh Your Decor with Throw Pillows

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Craving change? For an instant makeover, add a throw pillow (or three).
Utopia Alley Kassia and Lizal Throw Pillows

Deliver a bold color statement with a vibrant throw pillow and transform an entire room's decor or use a more subtle pattern or color mix and accent and amp up your room's style.

Here are some expert tips from Real Simple magazine:

Pillow number and placement: Go for an odd number, like three or five, rather than more traditional pairs. A few big pillows look cleaner than a jumble of smaller ones, which can seem like "too much punctuation," says T. Keller Donovan, an interior designer in New York City and Miami.

 Shape and size: Squares should be 18 to 24 inches across, large enough to showcase a solid color or a pattern. Oblongs are a nice foil, since they're "a little less expected," says Katie Ridder, an interior decorator in New York City.

Fabric: A limited color palette and large geometric prints on smooth, tightly woven fabrics, like cotton and linen, work well in a modern environment. But if you love having lots of colors, take a tip that applies to all settings: "Pull them from a piece of art that's in the room," says Andrew Flesher, an interior designer with Gunkelman Flesher Interior Design, in Minneapolis.

Note: Styles shown are Utopia Alley Kassia (left) and Lizal (right)

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