Home Decor Fashion...from the Runway? Here's Proof!

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You've probably heard that the trends for home often filter down from the Apparel fashion world. And maybe you've been astute enough to pick up on a few specifics.. like the cobalt blue that invaded the home decor world recently. 

Rebecca Taylor Spring 2015 Runway | Home of Mandy Kellogg Rye, Waiting on Martha 

But have you seen the website dedicated to this? FashionandDecor

Amazing visuals, like these show where the beautiful - and sometimes outrageous - home decor we are seeing now has originated...or at least what could have been the inspiration.

Source: FashionDecor.com

Good enough for me.  Fun browsing.

They have a sign up if you enjoy this ongoing...Me, I'll just check back every once in a while and be amazed :).  

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