Tips For Showcasing Your Personality Through Your Wall Decor

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Are you ready to let the world, or your friends and family, know just who you are? Whether you’re making a few tweaks or completely revamping, the décor on your walls should reflect the style of your home and your own unique personality. Read Utopia Alley's tips for ideas on decorating your walls based on your personality!


The options are endless with wall décor – it can either tie a room’s color scheme together or be the focal point of a room. We’ve narrowed down some of our favorite wall décor looks and tips on adding them to your home to fit your style and personality.


Rustic homes make for some very fun unique design opportunities. Lots of deep shades of brown, gray, and neutrals paired with dark bronze metals give these homes an effortlessly modern, yet traditional finish. When choosing wall décor for the industrial chic home, less is more! One large clock or one large painting or wood patch makes enough of a statement to balance out the heavier décor of the rest of the room. Be sure to leave some bare space on at least one wall, to avoid the room becoming too dark or overpowering.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to making a wall collage – and best of all, you can set one up in any room of your home! Whether your main collage pieces are clocks, mirrors, or picture frames, a wall collage gives so much opportunity to showcase the personality of both yourself and your home. We love how each of these collages has their main pieces, and add smaller objects in between. Be sure to think outside the box when adding these “in between” objects!

We’re seeing more and more of the minimalist trend – and loving it! Pale or neutral colors, white furniture, and very simple accents make homes look fresh, clean and bright. 

 Monogrammed letters or words on the wall in pale colors help add some fun to the wall without looking too dominating for the room, and a rustic sign paired with an empty picture frame can look great above a dining room hutch or kitchen cabinets.


Which style do you think fits your home best? We can’t wait to see the fun updates you add to your home this year! Be sure to tag your photos of Utopia Alley purchases with #UtopiaAlley to show us your wall decorating style!

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